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22 November 2017

„I. Economic and commercial forum Poland-El Salvador“ Business and investment opportunities in El Salvador

El Salvador, with an extension of over 21,00 km2 (population of 6,5 Million) a modern infra-structure of roads and ports, a mild climate and productive lands, political stability, competi-tive costs and multiple incentives and the USD as official currency, offers the ideal location fo future investment and businesses.
With the honorable presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of El Salvador, Mr. Hugo Martinez, you will hear the perspectives of the country and have the chance to stab-lish direct contact with high representatives of the country. To cope with the constant increasing demand (3.6% per year) of energy, El Salvador has de-signed a Master Plan for the development of renewable energies. You will hear from the Pres-ident of the Export and Investment Promotion Agency PROESA, Mr. Sigfrido Reyes, all the key issues regarding the market structure as well as the business and investment opportunities. Furthermore, different incentives will be presented from which investment companies can benefit from. Just to name a few, exemption of income, municipal and import taxes, renewa-ble energy and investment laws, multiple trade agreements and long-term contract (PPA) for 20 years.


Moreover, important sectors for the economy with high potential for new businesses will be discussed, including the textile industry (Synthetic-Cluster), Pharma industry (raw materials, Products and innovation), Light manufacturing (Electronics, machinery), Aeronautics (MRO), and agroindustry (coffee and ornamental flowers).

Companies will share information about doing business and their experience in the country. Following the event, you will also have the chance for networking.

The event will take place in Polish and Spanish and there will be simultaneous translation available. A detailed program will be published shortly.

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