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17 November 2017

The Kongres 590: PAIH promotes investing in R&D and diversification of the export markets

For the second time businessmen, politicians and scientists met in Rzeszˇw to talk about the Polish economy facing new challenges and opportunities. Polish Investment and Trade Agency was represented by president Tomasz Pisula and board member Wojciech Fedko.

For 15 years PAIH (previously PAIiIZ) have completed 724 investment projects valued at EUR 18bn which have been to create 190.000 jobs. Interestingly, nearly 200 of them have been carried out in the Special Economic Zones. The portfolio has been dominated by production-oriented investments, and the major objective of the service projects was building shared service centres. During discussion on foreign investment PAIH vice-president Wojciech Fedko stressed that Poland wants its economic growth to be based on the development of advanced technologies and unconventional solutions.

We would like to become a leading innovation centre in the region and thanks to highly qualified workforce and scientific potential it is possible. This kind of investments - increasing the productivity and the competitiveness of Poland’s economy guarantee fulfilment of our ambitions to develop. There are more and more innovative projects within the PAIH’s portfolio,” Fedko argued. He mentioned such investors as Mondelez, who moved its R&D division to Poland to expand its offer. “We believe that we should build “Poland” brand jointly with business. I wish projects like that will be carried out in a long-term perspective,” vice-president Fedko concluded.

PAIH president Tomasz Pisula also talked about science as major factor in building new shape of the Polish economy during the discussion on the role of Polish diaspora in reindustrialisation “Polish engineers and scientists living abroad are essential l in increasing the competitiveness of Poland’s economy. We hope that they will be crucial element of R&D investment projects. These people have a great potential and we must make the best of it,” Pisula stated. He added that PAIH have high hopes for fruitful cooperation with its new partner – Polish Chambers of Commerce Abroad Association “We are glad that the Polish business organisations operating abroad took this kind of action and are determined to promote national companies jointly. The Agency is ready to participate in it, and I am sure that our effort will pay off,” the president stressed.

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Business expansion into the distant and fast-growing market was one of the highlight of the congress. Africa is said to be among the most promising areas for the Polish business to invest and export to, mostly due to demographic factors. According to PAIH president, Tomasz Pisula, renewable energy, food processing, construction and automotive sectors create the best opportunities for Polish companies.  

Polish technology and products can be sold at a very good price in Africa. However, one should remember that African business culture requires building long-term relationships with local partners. Arranging meetings at appropriate level is crucial, especially when it comes to government procurement projects”, Pisula said.

We offer vast range of public support for Polish companies interested in achieving their business goals in Africa. Since over four years, PAIH has been providing an governmental programme GoAfrica, while this year, the Agency has opened a trade office in Kenya”, Tomasz Pisula reminded. As he mentioned, in 2017, PAIH trade office in Nairobi handled 150 business inquiries. Pisula also announced that PAIH's representation in Africa would be expanded. “We plan to open another office - this time in Central Africa”, he added.


Source: Kongress590


Africa is one of the locations listed on PAIH top promising destinations for Polish business, however not the only one. At the Kongres 590, the global export map was assessed by the experts who came to talk about the Polish furniture industry - one of the leading global producers and sellers of furniture. Over 90% of pieces of Polish furniture go abroad, however they are exported mostly to the European Union (Germany, UK and Czech Republic). Among the far-distant targets of the industry there are: the US which is the world’s biggest importers of furniture, as well as Russia and China.  

Why Polish furniture manufacturers focus on the EU markets? As stated by participants of the debate, there are two most important factors shaping exports of this industry. Those are the demand on local market and the distance to it. In case of overseas countries, transport costs have been significantly increasing, so is the business risk. According to the president of PAIH Tomasz Pisula, this risk is worth taking.

There is a great potential for Polish furniture companies in Mexico, which economy and the society is rapidly growing. In Asia, with 80 million population and the demand for everything what comes from the Western world, Iran is a good choice. On the other hand, the Persian Gulf countries are worth cooperating with. The customers are wealthy, however, rather demanding. What is more, the region is preparing for EXPO 2020 in Dubai”, he mentioned. “The city invests in infrastructure and builds hotels, to host thousands of visitors. This is a great opportunity for contract furniture manufacturers,”Pisula added.

Source: Kongress590


During the Kongres 590 the Presidential Economic Awards were handed out. President of Poland Andrzej Duda granted six companies. One of the award went to Mlekovita, a Polish diary manufacturer which was assisted by PAIH in the implementation of reinvestment project in Poland. (PAIH)



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