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14 November 2017

Chinese revolution in PAIH portfolio

First time in PAIH’s history Chinese investors made it into the top regarding FDI stock, while the German companies had to say goodbye to the leading position. When it comes to the number of investment projects, the US remains in charge.

November made some revolutionary changes in the PAIH portfolio. The ongoing Chinese FDIs have outgrown the German ones in value and worth in total EUR 1.11bn, whereas the projects originated in Germany amount to EUR 1.04bn. When looking at PAIH portfolio in terms of the number of projects, the leading position is held by the US. American investors are now managing 61 FDI projects with the agency support, compared to 51 last year. It total, US FDI are worth nearly EUR 1 bn in total. (EUR 993.4 million). The second place is occupied by Germany (21 FDIs are worth EUR 1.04bn) while Japan and UK are the third (both with 12 projects).


Overall, the investment portfolio includes 185 active (valued at EUR 5.7bn) and 53 completed FDI (totalling EUR 2bn). The FDI stock finalized by the Agency in 2017 nearly doubled comparing to 2016 (EUR 1.2bn). Moreover, the pledged number of jobs - in the active FDI portfolio - exceeds 58.000.

The biggest group of FDI projects currently supported by PAIH is represented by business service sector (BSS). These are 61 investments, worth EUR 144m. Second place went to automotive industry, which projects value stands at EUR 1.48bn, hence it doubled in the recent 12 months. R&D sector advanced into third position - as many as 15 investments are active in the portfolio, and their value totals EUR 14m.

The largest number of projects were completed in the following voivodships: Lower Silesian (16), Masovian (10) and Lesser Poland (8).



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