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20 October 2017

PAIH and PARP hosted 58th ETPO Meeting

Operating procedures and best practices in cooperating with regional trade promotion institutions were among the major topics of the 58th meeting of the European Trade Promotion Organisations (ETPO), which took place on 18-20 October in Warsaw. The event was co-organized by the Polish Agency Investment & Trade Agency and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

The hosts were represented by Michał Polański (PARP) and Tomasz Pisula (PAIH)

- Your exporter is our importer, and our exporter is your importer. I am delighted that we can get to know each other and share our experience in promoting the local companies at such meetings as this - Deputy Minister of Economic Development Tadeusz Kościński said during the opening session of this year's ETPO’s meeting.

PAIH president Tomasz Pisula presented the participants new formula and operating rules of the Agency. He explained that PAIH was given a new mandate last year, which enables it to offer services dedicated not only to investors, but to exporters as well. - Thanks to the new approach to Poland’s economic diplomacy we are able to operate based on professional tools and offer a complex business advisory services adjusted to dynamically changing entrepreneurs’ needs - T. Pisula stressed.

- Trade surplus proves a great power of our exports. However, the EU market has become so saturated that the Polish producers and service providers are ought to conquer new markets, even those very remote. And we offer them our assistance, that is why we have been setting up the network of trade offices in the most prospective regions, such as Asia, America and South Africa - president Pisula argued.

Representatives of European agencies based in Switzerland, Ireland and Denmark among others, presented operating procedures of its organisations, structure, decision process and key working areas. According to them, the way of functioning are quite different in a way dealing with public administration or recruiting (or delegating) foreign offices’ employees, for instance. The representatives of the agencies admitted that, so as Poland, they have been analysing possibilities of expansion to such markets as Iran, Mexico or Kenya.

The meeting’s participants were welcomed by Deputy Economic Development Minister Tadeusz Kościński

The participants shared their view of collaborating with regional trade promotion institutions, and some Polish companies presented their successful experience in building a business network.

ETPO (European Trade Promotion Organisations) is an association of organisation promoting economic development and international trade. Every year its members meet to exchange good practices and share experience.

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