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18 October 2017

India - a promising direction for expansion in Asia

IT, food processing, furniture, medical equipment, mining, energy, defense, and even the film industry are these areas that may soon enrich the face of Polish-Indian economic relations. - India is above all an extraordinary variety and the mistake that we must absolutely avoid in the pursuit of success is making generalizations or insufficiently accentuated cultural context - said at the inaugural speech at the workshops of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, and the Ministry of Development, president of Indian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (IPCCI), JJ. Singh.

Training for Polish entrepreneurs interested in the Indian market took the form of an open discussion with invited speakers and became a platform for business networking. Guests were welcomed by Lucyna Jaremczuk from the Ministry of Development, while inviting to take part in the November economic mission led by the Undersecretary of State, Mr. Witold Słowik. A delegation dedicated to the food processing industry will be associated with a promotional campaign at Word Food India 2017.

- India is the recipient of only 0.1% of Polish exports and 0.4% of Polish imports. Both, trade and investment relationships require better promotion and incentives - said JJ. Sigh. The Indian market, however, is significant for several Polish companies, where orders are closely linked to government policy and economic situation. Too small representation of Polish goods in India is not related to their poor competitiveness, but above all, the fact that only companies permanently present on the market can be successful, which requires a strong, locally anchored partner.

Especially in the current swing, which is taking place internationally among top players, China is balancing its influence and, according to the head of IPCCI, is increasingly keen on deepening relations with CEE countries, importing modern equipment and food. The location of the gateway to the European Union customs markets, its population and economic potential, makes it possible for Indian IT entrepreneurs to cooperate with Polish software talents. The biggest Indian IT companies are already present in Poland.

Macroeconomic data show that India's economy is climbing to higher levels of productivity. This absorbing, over one billion consumer market continually needs new goods and specialized know-how, which Poland in fact has in many areas. - An example here is medical equipment. The Indian health care industry, both state and private, is developing very dynamically - one billion consumers are also one billion potential patients. The equipment with the Polish label is no different from the Western quality and remains affordable for India. So the decision seems simple. Opportunities are also for manufacturers of medicines and hygienic materials - describes the situation JJ. Sigh from the Indian-Polish Chamber of Commerce. Interestingly, the driving force of the Indian economy is the small and medium-sized business sector, surrounded by the government care.

The meeting was also attended by presentations of export support and security instruments guaranteed by the Polish Development Fund - PAIH, KUKE and BGK. Aleksandra Sobczak presented the architecture of PAIH support dedicated to Polish companies, outlined the process of organizational changes. In line with the new policy, PAIH Foreign Trade Offices will be located in places that do not always coincide with the administrative functions of a given country, but are truly a business epicentre. In the case of India, the office will soon be activated in Mumbai, India's most important business city.

The culmination of the workshops was presentation of chosen case studies - the experiences of Billenium and TZMO companies as active participants of the Indian market, insight into the latest logistics solutions of commodity supply and practical study of nuances of business communication and brand marketing on the Indian subcontinent.

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