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11 October 2017

The ins and outs of food export to China

China is the largest food and beverage (F & B) market in the world, and in the last decade has significantly increased the import of these goods. Practical aspects related to the sale of Polish foodstuffs to China were the subject of training for business representatives held on October 10, 2017 at the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The meeting was conducted by experienced expert on the export of goods to China Micha³ Bilewicz (ForCap Co. Ltd).

In 2016 Poland sold China dairy products worth about $ 35.5 million - over 24% less than in the previous year. On the other hand, in 2016, it export of meat and edible offal increased by 18% to $ 33 million and by 7.4% to $ 6.2 million export of sugar and confectionery. These products played leading role in the Polish food exports to China last year.

Micha³ Bilewicz presented practical aspects related to the export of goods and their introduction on the Chinese market

- Poland has got a trade deficit with China. However, the share of exports in our balance sheet is increasing steadily. This year the export of Polish goods to China increased by 20%, and much credit of this great result should be given to the food sector - deputy director of the Department of Economic Promotion, PAIH Andrzej Szewczyk said. He added that the Agency has been supporting Polish entrepreneurs for many years in conquering the local market through the organization of business missions, B2B meetings and workshops. He stated that PAIH will develop its presence in China, which will help to intensify bilateral cooperation.

Micha³ Bilewicz presented practical aspects related to the export of goods and their introduction on the Chinese market. He argued that due to the scandals and changing lifestyle of the Chinese people, the Middle States are willing to import food products, and those with the 'bio' label are becoming increasingly popular. He also pointed out that in 2005-2015 food imports to China increased from $ 10 billion to $ 50 billion.

During the training M. Bilewicz also discussed issues related to the Chinese food market and its specificity, preferences of Chinese consumers, adaptation of the product offer to the market, building distribution networks and product certification. He also pointed out potential niches for Polish exporters and ways to effectively promote food products.

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