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4 September 2017

PAIH and PolishHub join the biggest business organiza­tions in Silicon Valley

PAIH Foreign Trade Office (called the PolishHub) in San Francisco has begun its cooperation with the leading business institutions of the Silicon Valley. Among the latest partners of the PolishHub there are: the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, which gathers 2,000 members as well as the global investment community of business angels called the Keiretsu Forum. 
Specialized in supporting high-tech companies, the PolishHub in San Francisco, has come into cooperation with the most influential innovators and business institutions of Silicon Valley.

Just at the very beginning of its activity, in April 2017, the PolishHub opened doors of the famous San Francisco co-work - the Rocket Space - to Polish innovators. They can use the co-work for free during the first three months of acceleration in the Silicon Valley. “The interest of the co-working space is so high among  tech Polish companies, that we are overbooked until the end of this year”, says head of the PolishHub, Maja Kieturakis.

The three months free acceleration has been benefited by the Polish app producer, Spontime is one of the first to benefit from acceleration programme provided by PAIH office in Rocket Space. This young company not only gained free  access to the co-working space, but also to mentors and workshops, there. Spontime also received an intensive weekly training package in one of the fastest growing bay’s accelerators - Silicon Valley Ignite Academy. PAIH has also supported the other  company with Polish roots, AirWander. “Taking the opportunity of working with Rocket Space has been very helpful to us”, says the start-up’s founder, Ewa Bader. “In my opinion, Rocket Space’s  events and workshops are of the best quality in San Francisco. Thanks to them, I have met many investors and numerous successful business players as well as marketers experienced in building effective business strategies. It would be great if PAIH Foreign Trade Office would continue this initiative in Rocket Space for start-ups from Poland”, Bader adds.

Founder of Spontime with representative of SVI Academy and the head of the PolishHub Maja Kieturakis

The PolishHub is also participating in the organization of events promoting Polish technologies. It has co-organized three PLUG series – Polish Tech Link, where tech Polish companies in USA and potential investors meet. The PAIH office in San Francisco has also initiated the project CEconnection, that promotes Central Europe in the Valley. Counterparts of PolishHub from Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia take part in this networking initiative. Further meetings of both events have been planned for the incoming Autumn. Meanwhile,  in mid-September, the PolishHub is coorganizing Demo Night with the participation of Polish companies. The event will be held within the TechCrunch.

Soon, the Foreign Trade Office of PAIH in San Francisco will start online workshops for Polish companies with American experts from the tech industry. Also individual mentor meetings in Hub’s headquarter, Rocket Space, are scheduled.

The activity of PAIH’s Foreign Trade Office has been spotted by the influential business communities of the Silicon Valley. The Office has established cooperation with Bay Angels, Sand Hills Angels, One Traction and Brand of Angels.

In August 2017, the Kairetsu Forum opened its doors of partnership and joint ventures to the the PolishHub. “It is actually a very elite group, as joining the Keiretsu is possible only after obtaining a recommendation and invitation from its members”, explains Maja Kieturakis. Keiretsu brings together influential business leader from the Valley, who invest or serve as advisers to less experienced entrepreneurs in the region. The organization has already invested $ 750 m in projects with the highest potential. “For Polish companies, supported by the PolishHub, the cooperation with Keiretsu Forum means the access to high class experts, as well as to their business network, that goes far beyond North America”, tops up the PAIH representative in US. The Association, which has branches from North America, Europe to Asia, organizes networking meetings  and training courses.

The collaboration with the business community of San Francisco and of the entire Silicon Valley will also strength the entrance of PAIH US Office, as a partner, to the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. In the ranks of this 150 year-old organization, there are about 200 thousand members, including 2500 business companies and organizations. The Chamber has also national sections such as ChinaSF, SFAsia, LatinSF, UniteSF. The SFCC organizes two thousand business meetings per year. “They are the best way to get first-hand information about potential business partners, market niches or trends” adds Kieturakis.

Since Spring 2017, the PolishHub has served over 70 Polish companies and institutions, mainly from the high-tech market. (PAIH)

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