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3 August 2017

€ 2bn more in PAIH FDI portfolio and the revival of Asian investors

At a half-way point of summer holidays, Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH)  is working on the implementation of 181 investment projects in Poland. In total they are worth over €6 bn. This is about €2 bn more than during the last summer. PAIH portfolio is powered by Asian investment projects that have been growing fast, recently.

The biggest group of FDI projects supported by PAIH is represented by business service sector. These are 62 investments. If all completed, they will bring 19,400 new jobs to BSS industry that is said to be one of the fastest segment of the Polish economy.

About 15,000 new jobs can be generated in the Polish automotive industry, due to 38 FDI projects that are currently run by the Agency. "Every third investment PAIH supports will be implemented in the automotive industry”, comments Krzysztof Senger, Executive Vice President of the agency. "Together they are worth as much as €2.3bn. It means that our automotive portfolio has doubled during the last twelve months”, Mr Senger adds.

When looking at PAIH portfolio in terms of the country of origin of investments, the leading position is held by the US. American investors are now managing 60 FDI projects with the agency support. It total, US FDI are worth over € 1 billion. The second place is occupied by Germany. The companies from this country are currently working on 21 projects worth also over €1 bn.

On the third place there is Japan (14 FDI with a total value of € 704,8m). To win the podium, this Asian country doubled the number of FDI projects and increased its total value six-fold, in just one year. Also other Asian investors are increasingly interested in providing investments in Poland. China has doubled the number of FDI provided with PAIH support (now 8 FDI). The value of Chinese investment has grown from €117m in 2016 to €636,5 in 2017. The same tendency is observed in South Korean investment. The size of the Korean portfolio in PAIH has tripled - from €370m during the summer 2016 to €953,3m a year after.

“Thanks to pro-active investment marketing in Asia, PAIH succeeded in attracting new Asian business with Poland’s offer. To us, the diversification of the agency portfolio is as important as the increase of its size”, explains Krzysztof Senger.

Since the beginning of the 2017, PAIH has completed work on 41 investment projects with a total value of €644.2m. All together can generate 10,700 new jobs in the country. In comparison to July 2016, the size of PAIH portfolio of completed investment has grown two-fold. (PAIH)

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