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20 July 2017

Polish exporters supported by PAIH gain contracts in Hungary

With the support of the PAIH new office in Budapest, Polish companies Pezal, Dħbex and Cruz Group gained business partners in Hungary. Poland is the third largest exporter to the Hungarian market.

"Polish companies perceive Hungary as a prospective market. Our products are recognised there and associated with good quality," says Marcin Karaskiewicz, head of PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Budapest that has been operating there since April 2017. In his opinion, the interest in this direction of foreign expansion is so great that the Polish business compete there not only with Hungarian companies or those from other countries, but also with Polish counterparts.

As a result, in 2016 Poland jumped onto the third place of the list of the top exporters to the Hungarian market - just after Austria and Germany. The country also took over China, Slovakia and Czech Republic.


The parquet manufacturer, Dħbex and a producer of construction equipment and power generators Pezal Group, would like to benefit from the Polish boom in Hungary. Both companies were invited by the PAIH Office in Budapest to the Construma 2017 trade fair. This was the first event in which this new branch of the Agency was involved with. At a venue, PAIH  organized a Polish trade stand and arranged B2B session for Polish and Hungarian companies. "We can confirm that we have acquired the customer with whom we made our initial transactions and set up regular deliveries this year," says Hanna Nowak of Dabex referring to her company’s activity during the Construma 2017.

The PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Budapest has already served over 100 requests from Polish and Hungarian companies. (PAIH)

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