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5 June 2017

European Financial Congress: Poland and investment challenges

Business representatives and political decision-makers met in Sopot at the European Financial Congress to discuss the economy and financial stability of the continent. Poland Capital Summit  that was arranged by PAIH and dedicated to the future of foreign direct investment, was one of the highlights of the Congress.
PAIH invited a wide range of experts and investors to talk about the competitive advantages of Poland for Foreign Direct Investments. Among the business experts there were  representatives of the biggest investors in production, service and R&D. They all agreed that what defines the attractiveness of Poland for investment is a set of several unique factors the country has. Big internal market, central location and improving infrastructure, and what is the most important - the human capital. Well educated professionals is the biggest asset Poland has - said jointly Małgorzata Wadzińska of P&G and  Ewa  Łabno - Fałęcka of Mercedes Manufacturing Polska.

European Financial Congress

“The access to well-trained technicians is today the first need of investors in the R&D sector. Such investments are increasingly entering Poland in recent days. Among the projects currently supported by the Polish Trade and Investment Agency, there are 16 investments from the research sector, that can generated nearly 2,000 new jobs for engineers or scientists in Poland.

Michał Turczyk from Deloitte stress the importance of research and development investments for the Polish economy, especially for the labor market. “The implementation of any research and development project is expensive. That is why the investor is keen to stay in the chose location for years”, said Deloitte's chief of R&D and Government Incentives. (PAIH)

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