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16 May 2017

PolisHub invites Silcon Valley to Central Europe

Operating since April 2017, the Foreign Trade Office of PAIH called the PolishHub has launched the CEconnection networking programme encouraging business from the Silicon Valley to cooperate with the Central Europe. It is the first event arranged by the PolishHub and at the same time the first initiative run jointly by foreign trade offices of the V4 countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) and Austria located in the Silicon Valley.
The CEconnection initiative has been created to bring Central Europe closer to the Silicon Valley business community and to show the potential of technology companies from V4 and Austria in California. CEconnection meetings is a series of discussion panels open to the public with experts and entrepreneurs from Central Europe.

Experts from V4 countries and Austria talk about Central Europe

"To succeed in the Silicon Valley, it is necessary to know the rules how the Valley operates," explains Maja Kieturakis, the initiator of the CEconnection project, and the head of the PolishHub. As Kieturakis argues, one of the Valley’s principles is building the right image of Polish companies as a mature business partners. “Image is crucial, especially at the very beginning of entering the Silicon Valley.

Maja Kieturakis of the PolishHub with the representative of the Open Austria

The CEconnection project is well suited for this purpose. Moreover, by communicating together as a region, we strengthen the message about Europe in US”, she adds. Kieturakis also emphasizes that the project aims to reach not only the Silicon Valley but the whole California with its 39 million inhabitants. “That is half of the population of the Central Europe”, she explains. (PAIH)

The first CEconnection networking has attracted significant number of the local business community. 150 people joined the meeting that was arranged on 16 May in San Francisco. They came to listen to innovators from across the Atlantic. Among the speaker there were Krzysztof Kujawa from Gabi Insurance Manager, Sylwia Gorajek from Valley Talks, Petr Gajdos from Presidio Partners, Hubert Palan from productboard, Daniel Vitary from Be-novative, and Adreas Klinger from Austrian Product Hunt. They talked about the potential of Central European high-tech companies as well as programmes supporting transatlantic cooperation.

To learn more about the initiative, visit:


The Agency’s US Trade Office, called the PolishHub, is located in Rocket Space  - one of the most advanced and recognised business accelerators in the world. The PolishHub promotes and supports Polish high-tech companies interested in expanding into the Silicon Valley - the global startup and innovation hub and a home to such technology giants as Apple, Google and Facebook.

PolishHub offers a variety of services. It is responsible for establishing contacts with local businesses and institutions, as well as providing access to some of the largest venture capital funds in the world. The office will also create and make available a complex database of information, necessary to support Polish companies attracted by the US market. The PolishHub also acts as an office space for start-ups from Poland. It offers a co-working space in the RocketSpace accelerator. One can use the office there during the first three months after entering the local market. However, some basic terms and conditions set by RocketSpace have to be fulfilled by new tenants.

Contact with the PolishHub:
Maja Kieturakis
180 Sansome Street, San Francisco, California, 94104, United States
tel.: +1 (650) 580-6352

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