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20 April 2017

AHK: 95% of German investors enjoys their projects in Poland

Poland attracts investors by its highly-qualified employees, wide availability of local suppliers and the European Union membership. Whereas the lowest-scoring factors according to foreign companies were the political and social stability, and the predictability of economic policies - these are the results of the 12th Economic Survey of the German-Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, carried out in cooperation with thirteen other bilateral chambers in Poland, operating within the International Group of Chambers of Commerce. The survey was carried out among 369 foreign companies operating in Poland.

Poland is the regional leader when it comes to investment attractiveness. Apart from foreign investors operating in Poland, Poland and other CEE countries were evaluated by 1365 German investors operating in 15 other markets of the region. In 2017, similarly to 2016, Poland ranked 2nd in the European ranking (behind the Czech Republic) with a score of 4.09 out of six possible points, which means that the distance to the Czech Republic that scored 4.13 points has shrunk to as little as 0.04 points. The remaining top-ten countries are: Slovakia, Estonia, Slovenia, Latvia, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary and Romania.

The survey was based on a total of 21 investment attractiveness factors. Similarly to last year, the EU membership and employees’ qualifications are the highest-rated factors according to foreign companies operating in Poland. The quality and availability of local suppliers is getting better results year by year, and this time was ranked third. Position number four in the survey is held by the adequacy of higher education, and the last top-five factor is the productivity and motivation of employees.

In comparison with last year, the 2017 survey shows a better evaluation of the transparency of public procurement law (which moved four positions up in our attractiveness factors’ ranking) as well as the effectiveness of fight against corruption and economic crime. Comparing to last year, the score of legal safety dropped significantly. The factors of legal flexibility of employment and availability of employees also scored less in 2017. (AHK)

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