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11 April 2017

American capital goes where it is welcome

United States is the biggest foreign direct investor serviced by Polish Investment and Trade Agency. What is the future of the Polish - American investment relations? Experts of the US Embassy, Amcham, Warsaw Enterprise Institute as well as the Polish Investment and Trade Agency meet on 11 April to answer this question.

“The US capital goes where it is welcome - in Poland our business is still doing so well”, said Tony Housh, president of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland (AmCham). “Reinvestments - even more than new projects  - are the best signal from the American companies that they want to operate in Poland. Projects we run here have been planned as long-term ones. It is important for us to keep them up”, Housh added. “We find the Polish administration as very open for US investors, now”, agued Charles Ranado, Senior Commercial Officer at the US.

The representatives of the American public sector also talked about the issues regarding FDI that now are widely disused in America. According to Tony Housh large US business active in Poland does not have a negative impact on the US labor market. “Our companies in Poland are servicing processes aimed at the international market rather than the American one”, he explained.

Tony Housh: Reinvestments are the best signal from the American companies that they want to operate in Poland

During the debate, both sides talked about increasing interest of Polish business in the American market. "If a technology company thinks of expansion, we encourage it to enter the US," said PAIH president Tomasz Pisula. "Entrepreneurs are going to the US to look for new partners rather than to build factories," added Marcin Nowacki of the Warsaw Enterprise Institute. In his opinion, the US market is primarily interesting for Polish ICT companies. They come back to Poland with a very positive impression, especially after meetings with the local administration", Nawrocki said.

He also stated that Polish business operating in sensitive industries with restrictions on the American side expect the increase of the support from the Polish administration. Companies from Poland can get the Agency's comprehensive and assistance and the support of other parties gathered within the Polish Development Fund Group since in April a PolishHub, was open in San Francisco. It is the first Foreign Office of Polish Investment and Trade Agency on American market. (PAIH)

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