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5 April 2017

Strengthening the position of Polish construction sector

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency has established cooperation with the Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters to enable Polish companies to operate as General Contractors at the world's largest construction sites.

The Polish Cluster of Construction Exporters asked the Polish Investment and Trade Agency for assistance in the development of solutions enabling construction companies to compete in the global market. Both parties will prepare an action-plan that will include an creation of integrated offer of companies gathered in the cluster, to present it globally. To strengthen the position of the cluster on international markets, the cluster will get the support of all institutions of the Polish Development Fund.

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One of the first elements of the cooperation is a seminar for the construction sector that will be held on 12 April in the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, in Warsaw. During the seminar, panellists will be provided with information about the network of institution offering the support for exporters and investors as well as about pro-export  programmes waiting for them. The Polish construction sector’s competitive advantages bases on well-qualified engineering staff, know-how and long-term tradition and experience. (PAIH)

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