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30 March 2017

Trade Office in San Francisco officially open

The first office of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in US has been officially opened on 30 March in San Francisco with the participation of deputy minister of economic development, Mr Tadeusz Kościński, consul general of Poland in New York, Mr Maciej Golubiewski and president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Mr Tomasz Pisula.

The United States is one of Poland's main trading partners. According to deputy minister Kościński, who made a speech at the Trade Office opening ceremony, there is a growing interest of American companies in investing in Polish research and development sector, BSS, IT/ICT services, automotive, aviation, energy industries as well as in new technologies. "I am convinced that the new office of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in San Francisco will strengthen the business links between Poland and the United States," deputy minister said.

Foreign Trade Offices (Zagraniczne Biura Handlowe, ZBH) are being set up all over the world, to create a network of branches of the Agency, dedicated to supporting Polish exporters and investors on foreign, distant markets. Offices will also assist foreign investors in entering the Polish market.

Meeting at the San Francisco Mayor's Office. From left: Maja Kieturakis, head of PolishHub in San Francisco, Tomasz Pisula, president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Ed Lee, mayor of San Francisco, Tadeusz Kościński, deputy minister of economic development of Poland, Steve Kawa, San Francisco Mayor's Chief of Staff, Rafal Jarosz, head of Trade & Investment Section, Polish Embassy in Washington

The Agency’s US Trade Office, called the PolishHub, is located in Rocket Space  - one of the most advanced and recognised business accelerators in the world (180 Sansome Street, San Francisco, 94104).

PolishHub promotes and supports Polish high-tech companies interested in expanding into the Silicon Valley - the global startup and innovation hub and a home to such technology giants as Apple, Google and Facebook. This is where entrepreneurs from all over the world gain enormous funding for developing their projects, building a network of contacts and learning from the most experienced mentors. "For us it was a priority to establish one of our very first offices here in San Francisco. Polish companies need to be in the centre of US technology”, president Tomasz Pisula said during the opening ceremony.

Maja Kieturakis, head of PolishHub in San Francisco

PolishHub  offers a variety of services. It is responsible for establishing contacts with local businesses and institutions, as well as providing access to some of the largest venture capital funds in the world. The office will also create and make available a complex database of information, necessary to support Polish companies attracted by the US market. “The office provides information and data on American economics and legal regulations. It provides a match-making services and looks for business partners for Polish companies. Moreover, arranges business missions, B2B meetings, workshops and researches new business opportunities for products and services from Poland.

“The office is strictly oriented on real needs of Polish companies”, emphasized Maja Kieturakis, head of PolishHub in San Francisco. “PolishHub is a landing pad for Polish companies that consider doing business in US. On the other hand, it is also a departure hall for American companies interested in investing in Poland”, said president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Tomasz Pisula.

Team of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency: Wojciech Fedko, member of the Board, Maja Kieturakis, head of PolishHub in San Francisco, Tomasz Pisula, president of the Board

The day before the opening of the PolishHub, deputy minister Kościński and president Pisula met Ed Lee, Mayor of San Francisco and Stephan Crawford, US Department of Commerce, and expressed their gratitude for support offered in promoting PolishHub and new Polish initiatives. The deputy minister assured representatives of the American side, that Poland is interested in further cooperation with US administration in building a strong Polish business brand in the Silicon Valley. The delegation also visited the headquarters of Google and the US Commercial Service in San Francisco.

Polish Investment and Trade Agency plans to set up about 70 offices in the countries with the strongest opportunities for Polish companies. In recent months, the Agency has successfully opened its Trade Offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Nairobi, Shanghai, Singapore and Tehran.

For more information on PolishHub in San Francisco, please contact the office manager, Maja Kieturakis, or (PAIH)

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