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22 March 2017

Iran and Poland will jointly benefit from the cooperation

According to experts, Poland has "jumped from the very end to the beginning of the queue " to the Iranian market. How to take business advantage of the good starting position of our country in Iran? President of the Agency, Tomasz Pisula, and guests of the Polish-Iranian debate, arranged by Rzeczpospolita and KPMG were trying to find the answer for that question.

“Poland has a very good reputation in Iran”, explained Vahid Tahery, President of the Polish-Iranian Chamber of Commerce. “The country is considered as the second Germany - the country of high-tech”, Tahery added. Kahev Taghizadeh, partner and head of the Iranian section at KPMG agreed with him. In his opinion, the great advantage of our country is the lack of negative connotations in Iran. Whereas in case of many countries that also are now entering this Asian state, negative connotation might affect bilateral relations.

Iranian experts also stressed that symbolic gestures are important in their country, especially in official contacts. "For the Iranian authorities, the opening of trade office by the Polish Trade and Investment Agency in Tehran is a signal that the Polish administration will be active on Iranian market”, Tahery explained. Due to such activity, Poland is visible in Iran, even much stronger than other Central and Eastern European countries”, added the representative of the chamber.

Tomasz Pisula: “Iran has a hunger for consumer goods”

“The Agency will have a lot of work in Iran”, said Tomasz Salomon, deputy director of the Export Policy Department at the Ministry of Development, describing the growing interest of Polish business in this country. The abolition of sanctions has significantly boosted trade between the two partners. According to the head of  the Agency, Tomasz Pisula, Polish exports to Iran increased fivefold during this period. ”Iran has a hunger for consumer goods. Poland can offer Iran the Western-quality goods at East European prices”, Pisula explained. "Both countries will earn a lot on cooperation", he added.  Pisula also remained to the audience that there has been an sixfold increase in imports from Iran to Poland since the sanctions were finished. Tomasz Pisula and Tomasz Salomon expect a revival of the investment activity of the new partners. Pisula also recalled that when starting a business in Poland, the Iranian company gains access to the entire European Union market.

Specialising in innovative recycling, Bioelectra is one of the Polish companies that is now taking advantage of the Iran’s re-opening. Bioelectra got interested in this country just few months ago. In February, it participated in a Polish - Iranian seminar arranged in the headquarters of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency and attended by authorities and entrepreneurs from the city of Tabriz. Just two weeks later, Bioelectra visited Tabriz to set up details of cooperation. Head of the company, Michał Paca hopes that his project in Iran will be successfully completed within a year.

“Usually completing the business in Iran - from contract signing through its implementation, to payment - lasts two years”, Pisula explained. He added that money transfer is one of the biggest challenges in that case. Currently, the transfer of money between Poland and Iran is provided by PKO BP and BGK banks. On the Iranian side, they are: Bank Pasargad, Bank of Sarmaye and Parsian Bank. “We are working with the Iranian side to facilitate these processes, but there are many factors that do not depend on both parties, however make it more difficult to resolve the problem. When trading with Iran, many countries have developed special procedures regarding money transfer”, Pisula explained. He also added that factoring could make payments more easily. (Polish Agency for Investment and Trade)


If you have a business permit to operate in Poland and you are interested in entering Iran, please contact Trade Office of Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Teheran:

Jarosław Kaczyński - Head of Trade Office in Teheran
No. 8, Razagh Zadeh Alley, After Park Way Cross Road
Valiasr Ave. Tehran 19656

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Krucza St. 50

00-025 Warsaw

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