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10 March 2017

Hunan province visits Mazowsze

Authorities of the Hunan province in China and local companies came to Poland to discuss the perspective of the future cooperation between the province and Poland within the New Silk Road project. On 14 March, the B2B talks were held with Polish counterparts. During the seminar that preceded the business negotiations, the importance of Polish - Chinese investment cooperation was presented by Executive vice-president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Krzysztof Senger.

Representatives of the two countries jointly said that the cooperation between both countries has never been as good as today. “Polish - Chinese relations are excellent. Poland and China are now linked by comprehensive strategic partnership”, said  Counselor at Embassy of the PRC in Poland, Ms. Liu Lijuan. “We have created the best environment for the future development of cooperation between Poland and China. Now, the business has to fill those frames” - said the Deputy Speaker of the Senate Gregory Czelej to the entrepreneurs from both countries preparing to B2B talks.

Senger: Now we are experiencing the momentum of Chinese investment to Poland

Recently, investment is one of the most dynamically developed area of bilateral cooperation. "Now we are experiencing the momentum of Chinese investment to Poland. Poland is the biggest receivers of investment from China in the V4 Group and the eight in the European Union”, vice-president Senger said. In 2016, the FDI projects that came to Poland were worth 50% of the investments that entered the country in the last sixteen years”, Senger explained.  According to the experts, in 2016, China has located FDI projects in Poland worth $ 563m in total, while the year before, the total value of FDI that came to our country reached $10m.

The cooperation between both countries has never been as good as today

Mr Senger also said that local authorities of the Hunan Province are interested in locating a production park in Mazowsze province of Poland. (Polish Investment and Trade Agency/ statisitc data by Rhodium Group)

Negotiations between authorities of Hunan Province and Mazowsze region, attended by executive vice-president Krzysztof Senger

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