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8 March 2017

Latin America open for cooperation

In April, we are opening the Trade Office in Mexico. It is a very useful information for Polish companies planning to business there, said Tomasz Pisula, president of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency during the meeting dedicated to investment opportunities in Latin America.

The number of Polish companies looking at Latin America with interest is growing. Since recently, this region has been almost neglected by many distant counties. Now, Russia, China and the European Union are increasingly active there.

FDI in Latin America accounts for 11% of the total share of global FDI. „Most foreign investors chooses Mexico and Brazil”, said Javier Sanchez, ELANBiz LATAm expert.  As he predicts, in the incoming five years,  the total value of FDI that will come to the Latin America should reach $ 161m. The money will enter mostly to transport, logistic, gas and petrol sectors, he added.

“Latin America consists of 19 countries, and is inhabited by 626 million of people. This is a huge consumer market for Polish products and services”, Sanchez said.  As he reminded, the European Union signed a  free trade agreements with Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile, what makes foreign expansion of Polish companies much easier.

Podpis: J. Sanchez: Latin America consists of 19 consumers. This is a huge market of over 626million consumers for Polish products and services

Also Antonio Mafodda, director of Italian Trade Agency (ITA) also encouraged Polish companies to invest in Latin America.  Italian companies have been present in Mexico since many years. Also their business activity in  Brazil is a very successful”, Mafodda argued.

According to Vanessa Tecchi from ELANBIZ, Brazil is the largest and the most populated country in the region as well as the fifth biggest country in the wold. The marketing opportunities are impressive in the country”, Tecchi said.  „As the UNCTAD 2016 shows, Brazil is the seventh most attractive investment destination globally”, she added. Foreign companies usually invest there in aviation, agri-food and automotive industries. It is worth to add that Brazilians are very interested in innovation and good quality food products. “83% inhabitants of Brazil argues that it is worth paying more for better quality food”, said Vanessa Tecchi.

On the other hand, Mexico is the 8th most attractive FDI location, according to UNCTAD 2016.  What makes is so interesting for investors, is the cheap labour  force and a strategic location between the South and North America. In 2016, the programme of the Special Economic Zones has been introduced to attract investment to less developed southern part of the country, Sanchez explained. (Polish Investment and Trade Agency)

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