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21 February 2017

Poland - Iran economic seminar

Polish Investment and Trade Agency invites you to join the Poland - Iran economic seminar that will be hold on 21 February in the headquarters of Polish Investment and Trade Agency (ul. Bagatela 12, Warsaw).

The seminar will be arranged in cooperation with the Embassy of the Islamic  Republic of Iran in Poland and the Poland - Iran Chamber of Commerce. The meeting coincides with the visit of the business delegation from the East Azerbaijan province headed by Governor Esmaeil Jabarzadeh. During the seminar, Polish companies will have the opportunity to provide B2B with the Iranian counterparts.

East Azerbaijan province is an industrial centre of Iran. East Azerbaijan province has over 5,000 manufacturing units. Among the major sectors in East Azerbaijan there are: glass industries, paper manufacturing, steel, copper and nepheline syenite, oil refinery, petrochemical processing facilities, chemical products, pharmaceutical processing, foundries, vehicle and auto-parts industries, industrial machines, agricultural machine, food industries, leather and shoe industries. East Azerbaijan province is also one of the richest regions of Iran in natural minerals.

The access to the event is free after registration.

To join, please fill in the on-line application form:

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