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15 December 2014

Polish mission to India: Mumbai

"Within two years we would like to double the trade turnover between Poland and India and in the next five years to increase it fivefold" - said Jerzy Pietrewicz, state secretary at the Ministry of Economy, on Monday 15 December, during the conference on trade partnership between both countries in Mumbai. "Cooperation of the two states that both have such good economic situation seems natural and can bring many benefits to all parties" added PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska.

Conference "Enhancing Trade Cooperation between India and Poland" is the next highlight of the programme of Polish economic mission to India that has started on 12 December. The delegation consists of representatives of Polish government and entrepreneurs, who are looking for new business opportunities and business partner in India.

"Enhancing Trade Cooperation between India and Poland" conference in Mumbai

"The Polish government attaches great importance to the development of both political and business relations between Poland and India. Especially now, after the changes in India, we see a chance for the new opening for business as well for the growth of entrepreneurship and cooperation with Poland” said deputy minister Pietrewicz during a conference.

PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska during the conference in Mumbai

PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska emphasized that economies of both countries are developing at a rapid pace, what makes deeper cooperation possible. "One of Poland’s greatest assets is the human capital. Poles are innovative, open-minded, creative and hardworking" said deputy president. She added that Poland has a strong economic base, strong banking system and a stable political situation, what create a good environment for foreign capital. Companies from India have been already present and very active in Poland. "India is sixth among the countries with the biggest number of investment provided by PAIiIZ. We are currently working on seven projects from this country that together are worth over €10m. They all can create over 2,000 new jobs", argued Ms Piątkowska.

As the deputy minister Pietrewicz said, Poland has an ambitious goal to double trade turnover between the two countries in the next two years and increase it even fivefold in the next five years. Therefore - as he noted - capital investments of Polish business in India are extremely important. "We will endeavor to create the export-import bank, what has been already announced by Polish prime minister Janusz Piechociński. Polish government together with Ambassador of Poland in India also make efforts to open direct flight from Warsaw to India“ said the deputy minister.

Deputy president Monika Piątkowska presented Polish entrepreneurs, participating in the conference, as a “strong representation” of Poland. “Those companies operate in the construction sector, furniture, machinery, cosmetic and food industries. I know that all of them are willing to cooperate with Indian companies", noted deputy president.

Secretary of state in the Ministry of Economy Jerzy Pietrewicz with president of All India Association of Industries, Vijay Kalantri

Vijay Kalantri, president of the All India Association of Industries and deputy chairman of the World Trade Center Mumbai, argued that India and Poland have a great opportunity to make economic cooperation more advanced. He mentioned mining, food processing, engineering, automotive industry as sectors with highest potential for mutual cooperation. “In Poland there are special economic zones which can be used for Indian companies as a gateway to other European markets. Indian manufacturers, engineering and textile companies and others could invest in Poland, and from there collaborate with other European countries since Poland is a part of the European Union” he added.

So far, the biggest Indian investments were located in the IT and BPO sectors. Last year PAIiIZ completed 2 Indian BPO projects: Indian information technology giant Infosys has expanded its service centre from 1,700 to 2,000 employees and WNS Global Services has created 500 new jobs in Gdansk. Also ZenSar Technologies, HCL Technologies, WIPRO have invested in Poland and UFLEX has opened in Poland the largest foil production plant that is also the world’s biggest factory of it’s kind.

Mumbai, B2B talks

Also Polish companies are interested in investing in India. TZMO SA that produces hygienic materials, formed a join venture BELLA INDIA with Indian partner  has become a significant player in India market. The company "Can-Pack" manufacturing packagings launched factory in Pune. In Bangalore VTS opened an office and a sales and service centre of equipment and air conditioning systems.

Part of the delegation has been arranged as the project co-finaced from the European Regional Development Fund within Development of Eastern Poland Operational Programme. (PAIiIZ/PAP)

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