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12 December 2014

Successful talks in India

Good news is coming to Poland from India: India is interested in buying Polish apples, it’s processed products and other agri-food goods. Presentation of Polish food during the conference promoting “Polska brand” in New Delhi was very successful.

On Friday, economic mission of Polish companies to India has begun in New Delhi. The mission lead by deputy minister of Economy Witold Pietrewicz has been prepared by PAIiIZ and the Ministry of Economy. During the visit to India, the Agency is represented by deputy president Monika Piątkowska.

Deputy minister Jerzy Pietrewicz during the conference promoting Polska brand (source: Marcin Obara/PAP)

The conference promoting Polish brands and Polish products (food, ICT services, cosmetics, metal devices and furniture) was a first highlight of the first day of the mission. Also B2B talks with Indian counterparts were arranged after the conference. “We already know that honey, including meads, as well as fruits, sweets, jams and marmalade >>made in Polska<< impressed the Indian audience”, said PAIiIZ deputy president, Monika Piątkowska summarizing the meeting.

Wojciech Borzęcki, the president of “Sad Sandomierski” - a company offering fresh apples and processed apples, expects that some of his products will soon be sold in India. However, due to the big geographic distance and a long transportation time, 100% natural apple juice is considered as one the best products for Indian market, he added.

Friday talks were also focused on cooperation regarding steel sector. Deputy Minister Witold Pietrewicz met with Narendra Singh Tomar, Union Minister of Mines, Steel and Labour & Employment and representatives of Indian business. They talked about participation of Polish mining industry in modernization of Indian mines and Indian capital investments in some Polish mine sector. As Mr Pietrewicz argued, currently India produces about 90m tons of steel. Moreover, during the next 10 years the country plans to increase production to 300 m tones. “To produce steel India need not only coking coal, but also energy, which requires coal production. India focuses mainly on coal energy, therefore the country is interested in importing it”, said Polish deputy minister after the meeting.

“We already know that honey, including meads, as well as fruits, sweets, jams and marmalade >>made in Polska<< impressed the Indian audience”, said PAIiIZ deputy president, Monika Piątkowska (source: Marcin Obara, PAP)

According to PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piatkowska, there is an opportunity to establish bilateral cooperation in the modernization of the Indian mines. India is also interested in buying mines abroad. “Indian companies are focusing their attention toward Polish market. Perhaps, Kazimierz-Juliusz, the mine that is to be closed, would be interesting for the Indian capital. If so, the mine would not only be able to survive but it also would be capable to create new jobs”, argued deputy minister Witold Pietrewicz.

The steel industry products (iron, cast iron and steel) play a major role in Polish export to India. In 2013, trade over between Poland and India increased by 3%.

A part of Polish mission to India was arranged under the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, co-financed by the European Found of Regional Development under the OP Development of Eastern Poland 2007-2013, submesure I.4.

Polish business mission to India lasts until 16 December. (PAIiIZ/PAP)

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