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15 October 2014

Supporting Macedonia

Two deputy prime ministers - Janusz Piechociński from Poland and Vladimir Peshevski from Macedonia, PAIiIZ representatives - president Sławomir Majman and deputy president Monika Piątkowska together with Polish companies took part in the first Polish Macedonian Economy Seminary, that has on 15 October in held in PAIiIZ.

“Poland is a unique example of the economic success of last 25 years. Everyone who invest here will benefit from it”, argued Mr Majman during his opening speech at the conference.  “Macedonia is one of the most important partners in the region, therefore we support its efforts towards the access to the EU”, argued deputy prime minister Janusz Piechociński.

- Janusz Piechociński: "Macedonia is one of the most important partners in the region, therefore we support its efforts towards the access to the EU"

The economic crisis that started in Macedonia in 2008 slowed down the country’s economy, however, since 2013 Macedonia is entering the path of moderate growth. “GDP should increase by 4% in 2014. The inflation is stable and VAT has not been raised since 5 years”, said deputy prime minister of Macedonia Vladimir Peshevski. Good situation is mostly due to construction sector and local industry. Also domestic demand caused by the increase of the employment and the raise of salaries in public sector as well as the increase of pensions, is one of the most important factors reinforcing Macedonian economy in the nearest future.

According, to Kliment Shekerovski, deputy president of Invest Macedonia, there are 15 technical industrial development zones in the country. 3 of them offer special incentives as 0% VAT to improve balance of cost to benefits. We are open to get investment support in such areas as: automotive, R&D and high – tech industries”, he said. Moreover, Mr Shekerovski also stressed that a special offer is waiting for R&D companies in zones.

Participants of the Polish - Macedonian Seminary (source: Leszek Szymański, PAP)

“5-6% of Macedonian GDP is invested every year in education. We also develop the access to Internet. Macedonian children use computer at schools, summed up Vladimir Peshevski.

After the official part of the meeting B2G talks were arranged.  (PAIiIZ / Ministry of Economy)

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