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13 October 2014

12 new projects aquired by PAIiIZ

During the last two weeks, the Agency has acquired 12 new investment projects. Currently, there are 181 FDI projects on PAIiIZ list that in total are worth €3,470.39 m and in the future can deliver 38,275 new jobs to Poland.

In terms of the country of origin of FDI in Poland, the US is a leader among PAIiIIZ investments. Currently the Agency runs 53 American investment projects with a total value of €963.65m. All US ongoing investments can create 8,240 new jobs in the future. The second place is held by German investors. They provide 27 FDI (€401,05m; 6,905 new jobs). The following place is occupied by the British investors. 12 FDI projects with a total value €89,5m can create 1,915 new jobs. The Agency supports 12 French investment (worth €178.7m; 3,406 new jobs), 10 Korean (worth €176.04m; 1,313 new jobs), 8 from India and 7 from China.

 The list of the most popular sectors among foreign investors in Poland includes: BPO (41 investments; total value €34.55m, 12,230 new jobs), automotive (36 FDI projects, total value €1,040.25m; 8,712 new jobs) and R&D (17 investments, €60.7m; 2,006 new jobs). They are followed by aviation (12 projects), wood (8 projects) and electronic (7 projects) sectors. 

Since the beginning of 2014, the Agency has successfully completed 37 investment projects with a total value of €1,752.74m that in the future can deliver even 6,845 new jobs in Poland. (PAIiIZ)

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