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22 August 2014

5 new FDI projects

5 new FDI projects were added to PAIiIZ portfolio. Currently, the Agency supports 172 projects worth €3,641 m, which in total can deliver over 26,000 new jobs.

The US, with 54 projects worth €962m in total, are the leader in the number of FDI projects supported by PAIiIZ. Together, American investors have declared the creation of 8,354 new jobs in Poland. The second place is held by German investors that run 25 projects worth in total €374,55m and can generate 6,525 new jobs in the future. 11 FDI projects come from France and Great Britain each. The value of French projects reached €178,7m while those from the UK have been estimated at €88,5m. Together French and British investments can deliver over 5,000 new jobs. The next on the list there are: India (8 projects), China and South Korea (7 projects each), Sweden (6 projects), Belgium, Poland, Switzerland and Italy (5 projects).

In terms of sectors, BPO is the most popular among foreign investors (40 projects worth €32.4m; 12,000 planed new jobs). It is followed by automotive (31 projects worth €1,354 m; 7,542 planned new jobs), R&D (€60m, aviation and electronics sectors).

The Agency has completed already 31 FDI projects this year, with a total value of EUR1,717m. Due to all of them more than 6,000 people can find a job. (PAIiIZ)

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