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16 July 2014

753 contracts thanks to EPEPP

During four years of the operating of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme, provided by PAIiIZ, companies for Eastern Poland macro-region have already signed 753 contracts with foreign partners for a total value of over PLN 350m.

The Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme is provided since 2010. It aims to promote and develop five provinces of Poland: Warmia and Mazury, Podlasie, Lublin and Subcarpathia and Świętokrzyskie.

Under the programme, companies and local governments of the Eastern Poland participate in trade fairs and investment missions organised by PAIiIZ. Although, European market is the most strategic business destination for those companies, among other important destinations there are also: United States, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China, India and Russia.

Results of the survey provided among all participating of the programme show that since the beginning of the project until May 2014, 753 business contracts have been already singed between Polish companies form the macro - region and their foreign counterparts. The total value of all contracts reached PLN 352,2m. Investments in new equipment needed in new business project worth PLN 23,6 m as well as investment in construction of new factories (total value of PLN7,5m) or modernisation of plants (total value of PLN 27,6m) are the next benefits of  the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme.

„We see the exact benefits of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme for both: companies and the macro – region. The activities provided by PAIiIZ, especially in terms of thedirect promotion during the trade fairs and investment missions, are the best way to demonstrate the potential of the Eastern Poland and attract new investors. There are many examples of companies that benefited from the active participation in the Programme. For instance, after a trade mission to the Scandinavian, local company decided to reinvest in Suwałki Special Economic Zone. In addition, one of the hotels declared to investment over PLN 12m in the equipment needed for the execution of the contract with its foreign partner”, says Monika Diplomacy, PAIiIZ Member of the Board.

The survey also shows that due to the participation in the Programme, companies from Eastern Poland increased exports by 41%. Also the sales went up by 19% and production increased by 16%. 322 new employees have been hired - the vast majority of them are inhabitants of Eastern Poland.
More information on the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme: (Testa / PAIiIZ)

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