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20 May 2014

Changes in Kraków SEZ

„Polish companies – interesting investment” – this was the highlight of a conference held in Kraków SEZ. During the meeting PAIiIZ deputy president Monika Piątkowska stressed that the extension of SEZs program in Poland was one of the best decisions of Polish government of 2013. It contributed to a record number of investment projects in Special Economic Zones.

During the conference, Sopem company announced that it is entering Kraków SEZ. Under this project that is worth PLN120m, 800 people will be employed. The company plans to encourage its suppliers to join the zone and due to this to create over 1,500 new by them. “The investor chose Małopolska thanks to the good cooperation between Kraków Invest Park and PAIiIZ”, said vicepresident Piątkowska.

Soon, the Council of Minister will debate under the project of extending Kraków Special Economic Zone by 88.4 hectares. Thus, the total area of Kraków SEZ will cover 707 hectares. “This year we expect over 40 new projects, record number of investment and new jobs. This is good year for the Kraków Invest Park and Małopolska” - summed up Kraków Invest Park  member of the Board. Wieslawa Kornaś-Kita.

 The meeting took place on 20 May in the Kraków Invest Park. (PAIiIZ/KPT)

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