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19 May 2014

Let’s “Go China” this spring

A series of spring Polish-Chinese meetings has just begun. Soon three events: matchmaking meeting, the forum in Warsaw and a trade fair in Ningbo will be arrange to strengthen the bilateral economic relations.

China has rediscover the Central and Easter Europe after a several years of the regions transformation. In 2012, during the official visit of former Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao in Poland, a "Warsaw Initiative" initiative was introduced. Under the inactive the basis of cooperation between China and 16 countries including: Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary, were established. Poland is the largest European country participating in this project. “The Chinese should notice a difference between sixteen countries in terms of economic assets”, said PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman during a meeting with Polish journalists that preceded the series of incoming Polish - Chinese business events.

The first one - a matchmaking meeting - will be arranged on 26 May in PAIiIZ with the participation of companies representing machinery, mining, engineering and energy sectors form both countries.

“There is a place for Chinese capital in Poland in the automotive industry and in the food sector”, said Sławomir Majman

On 27 May, Hilton Hotel in Warsaw will held Zhejiang - Poland Matchmaking Forum. The event is organised on the occasion of the official visit in Poland of the delegation from Zhejiang Province led by the governor of Zhejiang Province, Li Qiang. Poland and the Czech Republic are the only members of the “Warsaw Initiative” that will be visited this spring by the governor Li Qiang. During the Forum a B2B session between Polish and nearly 70 Chinese companies is planned. Chinese companies will represent such sectors as: food processing, machinery and electronics, environment, IT, new, technologies, mining, automotive, drug and cosmetic industry, textile and clothing as well as BSS.

The series of Polish - Chinese meeting ends up with China International Consumer Goods Fair in Ningbo that is held between 8 and 11 June. The part of the exhibition entitled "Central and Eastern European Countries' Products Expo 2014" will focus on the products offered by exporters from CEE region. The Fair is a clear signal of opening the Chinese market for consumer goods from Central and Eastern Europe. As it was stated by the PAIiIZ president Majman, Polish companies interested in participation in the even cover only costs of flights and accommodation, while costs of participation in the even is free for them. The Fair will be preceded by a Forum at ministerial level.

 “Since 2-3 years we have been observing that Chinese try to discovery the forgotten part of Europe again”, said Mr Majman. The increased interest in Poland impacts on the list of investment projects supported by PAIiIZ. Currently, the Agency runs 7 Chinese FDI projects worth €59.5m which can create 1,700 new jobs. “There is a place for Chinese capital in Poland in the automotive industry and in the food sector”, summed up Sławomir Majman. (PAIiIZ)


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