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25 September 2013

Chinese bank officials

China Development Bank delegation has paid a visit in the PAIiIZ. Chinese bankers took part in discussion panels with representatives of the Polish government, National Bank, Office of Electronic Communication, PSE S.A. and PKP S.A. Meetings were organized and hosted by PAIiIZ.

The aim of the visit was to determine the investment outlook of the Polish – Chinese relations in the fields of the power industry, telecommunication and railways.

During the meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the PSE S.A., Chinese delegation discussed issues related to the development of the power grid in Poland, introducing of the new green technologies and cooperation between public institutions and providers of the energy. CDB delegation has also attended a panel with representatives of the PKP, where plans regarding development of the Polish transportation infrastructure were discussed. The main topic of the agenda with representatives of Office of Electronic Communication (UKE), were IPR and introduction of the 4G technology in Poland.

Privatization process and its consequences will be discussed during the macroeconomic panel with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Treasure and the Polish National Bank experts.
Meetings with the CDB delegation are organized in the PAIiIZ seat on Sep. 23 – 27.09. The delegation is headed by Chen Yongguang, CDB Senior Director. (PAIiIZ)

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