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20 February 2013

Invest in… Iława Commune!

In the series of articles “Invest in Poland. Invest in Warmia and Mazury. Invest in…” we would like to present the most attractive investment locations in Warmia and Mazury. This time we present Iława Commune.

Iława Commune is located in the west part of warmińsko-mazurskie voivodship, in Iława Lake District, by the south end of Jeziorak Lake – the longest lake in Poland which has received a title of one of “7 New Wonders of Poland”. Iława, located in the area of the Green Lungs of Poland, is an attractive rest, sports and tourist center.

About investment attractiveness of Iława Commune talks Mr. Krzysztof Harmaciński, the village mayor of Iława Commune.

In the program “Community Fair Play”, Iława Commune was chosen as the most attractive investment location. Among the assets of the commune are outstanding natural and cultural values, micro-entrepreneurship and convenient communication links. Iława Commune has a study of conditioning and directions of land development for the whole area of the commune as well as local zoning plan for investment areas. It is important that this records are very flexible which gives wide range of possibilities for developing of the investment areas according to the investor’s needs.

Iława Commune (

Support for the investors

The Commune Council has taken care of supporting the development of entrepreneurship and adopted a Resolution thanks to which the investors may apply for the exemption from property tax in case of newly established business activity:

  • one-year exemption can be obtained in case of employing 2-10 people
  • three-years exemption, in case of employing 11-20 people
  • five-years exemption, in case of employing 21-50 people
  • and even ten years exemption from property tax in case of employing over 51 people.

In the area of the commune there is also a possibility of incorporating the area chosen by the investor in Special Economic Zone. This entitles to apply for income tax exemption, even up to 70%.

Due to the fact that Iława commune has an agricultural and tourist character, and about 41% of the area is forested, the main industry is the wood industry, agricultural products processing and tourism.

Iława Commune (

The biggest companies in Iława commune are:

  • DREW-GÓR - a company which since 1989 produces wooden doors,
  • Stolgen company, long-time producer of high quality doors, operating since 1984,
  • Turkey Breeding Ground GERCZAK in Laseczno - produces turkey embryonic material and delivers it to England, France, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Canada,
  • WILD Polska sp. z o.o. founded in 1993, is a branch of American company WILD Flavors, Inc. In the area of Iława commune a processing plant in Karaś is located and a fruit farm in Szymbark.
  • Indykpol Capital Group in Poland, which specializes in breeding and fattening of turkeys as well as production and sale of turkey meat and products.

Due to very attractive geographic location and landscape values, in Iława Commune tourism has always been developing well, especially in towns located by the Jeziorak Lake.

The investment offer of Iława commune is available on and on Regional Investment Portal of Warmia and Mazury

All the information and necessary help for the investors is provided by Andrzej Brach, the Director of the Department of Infrastructure and Local Development, tel. +48 89 649 08 13, e-mail:

The article was prepared by the Team of Warmia and Mazury Investor Assistance Centre.

More information about Warmia and Mazury you will find on Warmia and Mazury Investment Portal

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