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Beautiful Country

Investors, when making decisions related to investments, are of course motivated by the information regarding a given market, however, non-business criteria are also significant. Poland is a country of friendly, open and hospitable people where everybody can feel totally at home. The standards of living are continually growing and its level is becoming very similar to that of Western Europe. In the cities you can find restaurants offering various cuisines from across the world and the night life in the clubs and discothèques encourage people to have fun. All of which is available at prices below those in the West.

Poland is also a country that is very attractive for tourism. If you want to relax after a long week’s hard work, there are almost limitless possibilities at your disposal. Poland has wonderful wildlife and well-located resorts. If instead of the woodlands, lakes, sea and mountains, you prefer to view historical sights, there is no problem in a country with over a thousand years of history. But do not forget when visiting one of the beautiful corners of Poland to taste a dish from the country’s local cuisine.

In Poland you can mix business with pleasure!

The move to our country does not mean a separation from your family – Poland is very well prepared to receive the foreigners who decide to live here. Foreign business people who choose Poland as the location for their investments and who plan in connection with this to bring their families to our country, should not worry about the education of their children. International schools in Poland provide high standards of education and teaching and there are several dozens of them in Poland. Below is a brief appraisal of some of these schools, divided among the voivodships in which they are located.

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