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The region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has an enormous potential in the business services sector (BSS). There are already 1000 international services centres operating in the region and the employment in the sector may be estimated at around 270 - 300 thousand of employees. Poland, where the BSS has been developing dynamically since 2005 and the yearly growth of the employment stays at the level of 20% seems to be the leader in CEE. Our country main advantages, in attracting the above mentioned projects, consists in its favourable investment climate, highly qualified human resources and the development of the modern office space market.

Why Poland?

It is worth mentioning, that apart from already mentioned assets, Poland offers diversity of locations, what means, that, depending on the project’s specific, a company has at least few places/cities to choose from. Some of the Polish cities have already such a strong position, that they are recognizable all around the world. Kraków, for example, as the only location from CEE, has been included into top ten of „Tholons Top Outsourcing Destinations 2014” and scored 9 leaving Dublin behind.

For the last few years the biggest metropolitan areas have been developing very dynamically with regard to the services investment inflow. At the moment, the modern service sector employs nearly 130 000 of highly qualified employees specialized in accounting & financial services, HR support, consulting, as well as, IT field.

It is important, that not only the number of employees in the sector has increased but the structure of services rendered form Poland has significantly changed as well. With the expansion of the sector and development of processes already serviced from Poland, moreover, because of the success stories and positive experiences of the branch, the new type of the services is developing in our country. In newly created Knowledge Process Centres and Centres of Excellence, financial and marketing analyses, software development, risk management and other know - how based services are performed.  Because of the wider scope of operations and geographies offered in “Polish” centres, our country competes not only with the CEE countries but also with the Asian and South - American ones. Mainly due to the quality of the talent pool, cultural similarity to Europe and USA , knowledge of the languages and time zones similarity, our country became a trustworthy BSS centres localisation.

Sector in numbers

Total value of the outsourcing sector in Poland in 2011 exceeded 13 bln. PLN. On the basis of the ABSL survey announced in 2013, it may be said that there are 470 service centres with foreign capital employing almost 130 000 people. In the above mentioned Report, Krakow was classified on 1st place with the biggest number of employees in the sector, where more than 30 000 people found job in the modern services. Warsaw and Wroclaw took respectively 2nd and 3rd place both with more than 20 000 employees in the sector. Slightly more than 10 000 people are employed in Lodz and Tri - City. In Katowice Agglomeration the number of people working in the reached 10 000, while in Poznan - 7 500. Besides from abovementioned locations, there are other cities, where international companies choose to start their operations, i.e.: Szczecin, Lublin, Bydgoszcz (each of them with 5 000 employees), Toruń, Opole, Kielce, Białystok.

An important differentiator of the centres operating in Poland is the number of foreign languages, in which services are rendered. The biggest number of languages that may be fund in one centre is 32.

The language scope of centres operating in Poland may be found below:



Poland’s advantages as an investment location are highly valued by a number of reports published by the world’s leading consultancy companies.

In the newest Everest Group report, Poland, as the only CEE country, has been qualified as “mature market” together with Brazil, China and India. Together with the last two ones Poland was indicated as the best place for Business Services investment localisation also by Hackett Group. In the latest report the company predicts, that there will be even more investments from the branch coming to our country.
Above mentioned facts clearly indicate Poland’s recognition as a European, and even world’s, leader in terms of foreign BSS investments acquisition.


Sector development conditions :

  • highly qualified talent pool (nearly 2 m students annually, 130 000 employed in the sector);
  • foreign languages knowledge among potential employees (in centres operating in Poland 40 languages are spoken);
  • competitive working costs combined with high quality of the employees ;
  • existing A class office space;
  • governmental politics aimed at supporting BSS investment, existing investment incentives for the services support sector

Existing investment incentives:

Useful conacts:

  • Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL)
    Address: Rondo ONZ 1 (2 floor), 00-124 Warszawa
    Telephone office: +48 22 445 33 58

  • ASPIRE The Association of IT and Business Process Services Companies
    Address: Prądnicka St. 4, 31-002 Kraków
    Telephone office: +48 12 426 25 35;

  • Pro Progressio Foundation
    Address: ul. Dolna 21b lok. 40, 00-773 Warszawa
    Telephone: +48  22 213 02 44
    E - mail:

Publications and more data on the BSS market in Poland:

Business Services Sector in Poland:




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