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Telecoms, Media and Internet Laws

Telecoms, Media and Internet Laws and Regulations in Poland

Table of contents:

  1. Overview
    1.1 General description
    1.2 Legislation
    1.3 Regulatory bodies

  2. Telecoms


    2.1 Provision of telecoms (or electronic communications) networks and services
    2.2 Individual authorisations subject matter, duration and transferability or tradability

    Access and Interconnection
    2.3 Obtaining interconnection and access
    2.4 Interconnection and access disputes
    2.5 Price / cost regulations for access and interconnection?
    2.6 Local loop unbundled access
    2.7 NGN/IP-based networks regulations

    Price and Consumer Regulation
    2.8 Retail price regulation
    2.9 Special rules relating to consumers

    2.10 Allocating telephone numbers and network identifying codes
    2.11 Number portability

  3. Radio Spectrum
    3.1 Procedures for radio spectrum allocation
    3.2 Licence-exemption
    3.3 Spectrum fees
    3.4 Change of control of the licensee
    3.5 Spectrum trading and sub-licensing

  4. Distribution of Audio-Visual Media
    4.1 General media sector regulation
    4.2 Types of licences and obligations following it

  5. Internet Infrastructure
    5.1 ISPs liability
    5.2 Site / content blocking


In Poland, the telecommunications, audio-visual distribution and internet infrastructure sectors are liberalised, well developed, and strongly competitive, with the potential for foreign investments, mergers and acquisitions. The sectors are converged, especially with regard to pay TV.

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TMT in Poland
Telecoms, Media and Internet Laws and Regulations


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