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Environmental Impact Assessment

An environmental impact assessment (“EIA”) is part of the proceedings concerning the issuance of a decision on environmental conditions of approval to a project (“Decision”). These proceedings are of fundamental significance for the correct and timely conduct of the investment construction process. An EIA for planned projects is conducted to examine the possible impact of a specific investment on the environment and to agree on such conditions for completing it that it reduces – and if possible, eliminates – the risk of a negative impact on the environment.

Detailed principles of the EIA are regulated by the Act on Making Available Information about the Environment and its Protection, the Public’s Participation in Environmental Protection, as well as on Environmental Impact Assessments (“AEIA”), which specifies when conducting the proceedings is required, what projects need to have an EIA conducted, what the procedure and the stages of conducting such proceedings are, and what authorities are relevant in such a case; however, the legal norms specifying the requirements of environmental protection law with regard to the investment construction process are contained in many parliamentary acts of substantive law, which poses a difficulty for investors operating or commencing operations in Poland.

This study is intended to discuss the most important issues connected with this problem.


Environmental impact assessment in investment construction process


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(Last update: February 2016)

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