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Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (PSEZ) established on the basis of Cabinet resolution of 11 July 2001 will operate until 31 December 2026. This is a part of the territory of the country within which economic activity may be conducted under the favourable/preferential conditions.

The Zone is managed by Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd. with registered office in Sopot.

Why is it worth investing in the PSEZ:

  • Convenient location for investments: prepared industrial areas in the northern part of Poland near main communication routes and in the vicinity of international airports and seaports.
  • A permit to conduct business in the PSEZ authorizing an entrepreneur to take advantage of public aid in the form of tax exemptions by virtue of the costs of new investment of creation of new jobs.
  • Maximum public aid in four regions of PSEZ:

  • End-to-end service of each investment project provided by a professional team led by an advisor dedicated to each investor:
    • support during the procedure of application for the zone permit
      • providing the necessary information,
      • help in contacts with competent agencies,
      • tendering and negotiation procedures,
      • issuing of permits in the name of the Minister of the Economy,
    • support in the form of the post-investment care:
      • help in the solving of investors’ problems,
      • support in the promotion of investors,
      • training regarding, e.g.: funding the operations, tax settlements,
      • executing the control over operations in line with the terms specified in the permit,
      • integration with various environments: governmental and local administration, business environment institutions, universities, scientific centres and other entrepreneurs by way of networking meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Implementation of a range of supplementary ventures and ventures expanding the zone activity, including:
    • Gdańsk Science and Technology Park: its extensive activity supports the development of start-ups, ICT, new technologies, science and others
    • Baltic Port of New Technologies in Gdynia: located in the former Gdynia Shipyard, it includes the construction of a modern environment to support the shipbuilding and related industries,
    • active support of vocational education: including initiatives responding to an investor’s demand, integration of the cooperation between vocational schools and technical high schools and entrepreneurs,
    • cooperation of the business with science: cooperation with universities and the implementation of programs such as: BioConvention, InnoDoktorant, Coalition on behalf of Polish Innovations (KPI), Pomeranian Technopolis.

The PSEZ is situated within 35 locations (subzones) in five regions of Poland. It’s overall area reaches 2246.2929 ha.

Pomeranian SEZ offers land for investments:

Subzone Region Area (ha)
Barcin Kuyavian-Pomeranian 32.76
Biała Podlaska Lubelskie 90.60
Brodnica Kuyavian-Pomeranian 8.48
Bydgoszcz Kuyavian-Pomeranian 6.91
Czarnków Greater Poland 2.33
Człuchów Pomeranian 13.98
Gdańsk Pomeranian 22.20
Grudziądz Kuyavian-Pomeranian 31.44
Kwidzyn Pomeranian 6.40
Liniewo Pomeranian 15.88
Lipno Kuyavian-Pomeranian 13.65
Łeba Pomeranian 1.57
Łysomice Kuyavian-Pomeranian 45.40
Malbork Pomeranian 11.90
Nakło nad Notecią Kuyavian-Pomeranian 15.90
Piła Greater Poland 3.68
Solec Kujawski Kuyavian-Pomeranian 9.75
Stargard West Pomeranian 367.00
Starogard Gdański Pomeranian 9.17
Sztum Pomeranian 1.95
Świecie Kuyavian-Pomeranian 3.94
Włocławek Kuyavian-Pomeranian 14.67
Żarnowiec Pomeranian 10.25

Investment sites under patronage of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd.

Stargard subzone

In 2018 permits to operate in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone were given to the following companies:

Investor Subzone
1. Finn-Marin Polska sp. z o.o.
2. Amhil Europa sp. z o.o. Żarnowiec
3. Kokoszki Prefabrykacja S.A. Gdańsk
4. Cargotec Poland sp. z o.o. Stargard
5. Edwood sp. z o.o. Biała Podlaska
6. Proteh GlassDeep sp. z o.o. Gdańsk
7. FHU MIX Krzysztof Bojanowski Nakło nad Notecią
8. PUH Jacek Spychalski Solec Kujawski

  • Employment in the Zone reached 26 550 people and the investment outlays exceeded 12,32 mld PLN (30.09.2017)
  • Number of active permits in Pomeranian Special Economic Zone: 180

Major investors in the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone:




Boryszew Tensho Poland sp. z o.o.

Plastic elements production


Bridgestone Stargard sp. z o.o.

Tires production


Cargotec Poland sp. z o.o.

Metal industry


Flextronics International Poland sp. z o.o.



Gemalto sp. z o.o.



International Paper-Kwidzyn sp. z o.o.

Paper industry


Jabil Assembly Poland sp. z o.o.

Electrotechnical industry


Lafarge Cement S.A.

Cement production


Mondi Świecie S.A.

Paper industry


Plastica sp. z o.o.

Medical, hygienic and cosmetics devices production

Kowalewo Pomorskie

Schumacher Packaging Zakład Grudziądz sp. z o.o.

Paper industry


Silgan Metal Packaging Tczew S.A.

Packaging industry


Wika Polska sp. z o.o. SGF sp. k.

Technical apparatus


Zakłady Farmaceutyczne “POLPHARMA” S.A.

Drug products and active pharmaceutical ingredients production

Starogard Gdański

Managing company:

Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd.
9 Wladyslawa IV Str., 81-703 Sopot, Poland
Phone: +48 58 740 43 00
Fax: +48 58 555 97 11

Contact for investors:

More information:
Publication - Poland Special Economic Zones   


(Last data update: February 2018)





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