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Technopark Pomerania

Technopark Pomerania

High tec heart of Szczecin

Technopark Pomerania is a key local and regional institution supporting the development of ICT microenterprises, as well as small- and middle-sized innovative companies. Thanks to modern and complex infrastructure, as well as comprehensive support programs, Technopark Pomerania offers best environment for the dynamic progression of companies at different stages of their growth - from early-phase startups to enterprises established on the market.

Park type: science and technology park
Administrator: Szczeciński Park Naukowo-Technologiczny
Development phase: - development stage

Contact details:

Technopark Pomerania
 Niemierzyńska 17a Str.
71-441 Szczecin, Poland
Phone: +48 91 85 22 911
Fax: +48 91 85 22 192

Technopark Pomerania is located on the 10 ha area neighbouring the centre of Szczecin with convenient access to:

  • City centre - 10 min from inner city,
  • Urban transport (bus, tramway),
  • City centre ring road - direct vicinity and access to the ring road under construction,
  • In the vicinity of the most dynamically developing northern districts of Szczecin,

Location near the Museum of Technology and Transport, amidst city parks and recreation areas.

Sector profile

Technopark Pomerania creates convenient conditions for the development of innovation in Szczecin and the whole region with emphasis on ICT industry. It supports the development of modern technology companies and engages in the educational process for the future ICT professionals by cooperating with regional secondary schools and universities. The utmost objective of activities undertaken by Technopark Pomerania is the creation of ICT industry with impact and influence of comparable scale as was historically attributed to the Szczecin Shipyard in Szczecin and West Pomeranian region.

Technopark Pomerania offer

The currently functioning startup incubator serves 18 young technological companies and 5 IT societies and organisations. This building also comprises a server room for the Technopark tenants, as well as other entrepreneurs and institutions.

In November 2014 Technopark Pomerania will be extended by three new buildings at present being completed in Cyfrowa street. New spaces will comprise not only office space for the development of multiple innovative enterprises, but also conference rooms, a startup incubator, open space for individual and co-working, the largest server room in the region as well as a kindergarten and a lunch bar.


1) A-class office space arranged according to company needs:

  • Individual office of various sizes and open space areas,
  • smaller open offices with hire-a-desk option for startups.

2) Modern conference venues, business meeting and service design rooms, as well as common areas with free Wi-Fi:

  • Co-working - ca. 150 m2, space offering so-called “safe start” - possibility to work and use business consulting services without the need to rent an office,
  • (ma)geek zone - area of ca. 250 m2, mobile space arranged to enhance creative team work, available free of charge, no booking needed.

3) technical infrastructure in form of the largest server room in the region, offering cloud computing services as well as top quality telematic infrastructure.

4) Social infrastructure

  • modern lunch bar,
  • kindergarten for tenants’ children,
  • hiding rooms - chillout zones for entrepreneurs

Technopark services

The mission of Technopark Pomerania is to support the development of innovative companies. Park realises that via integration and triggering cooperation among the experts and IT companies. In such environment of specialists and topical organisations entrepreneurs benefit from multiple actions offered by Technopark, which facilitate company management and accelerate its growth, ie.:

  • expert consulting within the expansion or incubation program,
  • access to knowledge base on training and events,
  • facilitation of cooperation between students, researchers and companies,
  • support in image building with PR experts,
  • legal and accounting services,
  • support program adjusted to entrepreneur’s needs.

Companies in Technopark

At present in the currently functioning building there are registered 18 startups and 5 IT organisations. Besides, Technopark has 33 virtual tenants, who also benefit from business consulting and support.


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