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Vistula Park



One of the most attractive investment area in the north of Poland

Co-financing from Phare 2003 fund



  • The site is located near to the national highways number 5 and number 1.The site is located 13 km from A1 motorway junction Nowe Marzy
  • The site is located near to the railway stations
  • The site is located 50 km from big cities
  • The site is located near to universities
  • There are well qualified workers in Swiecie Commune
  • Treatment plant with possibility to increase a power
  • Dumping ground is available
  • Additional source of energy and water is available from Mondi Swiecie S.A.
  • The site is owned by Swiecie Commune
  • The site has all necessary documents which permit to start a business immediately
  • Business Support from Swiecie Commune is available




  • 3.5 km of internal roads
  • 8 km of water supply lines
  • 12 km of telecommunication lines
  • 8 km of gas supply lines
  • 15 km of rain water disposal lines
  • 8 km of power supply lines
  • 10 km of sewage disposal system
  • parking lots of app. 5000m2 area
  • lighting system


Electricity: available capacity: 850 kW

Voltage: 230 V ( 400V + - 10% ).

Land cost

Monthly rent is:

Net price 870 PLN/ ha = 0,087 PLN/ m2

When the time of rent is finished the company would have the opportunity to buy the land for lower  price.


The companies which run a business in Swiecie are supported.

Entrepreneurs have a possibility to get some advantages like property tax exemptions for example.

Entrepreneurs, who plan to start a business, make investments and those one who want to employ more than 20 inhabitants of Swiecie Commune are able to be supported. 
Tax exemptions concern the land, buildings and the space in the following buildings: newly constructed, adopted or gained in the process of liquidation, bankruptcy or execution which are intend to run a business.

The period of tax exemption depends on the number of the employees and is granted for:

  • 5 years with the employment of 20 to 50 people
  • 7 years with the employment of 51 to 100 people
  • 10 years with the employment of more than 100 people


14 companies exist in that area for example:

  1. Gas station „Arka”
  2. Leader-Tech
  3. F.H.U „Truck”
  4. Drew-Technika
  5. Inwest Group
  6. Konar A.B. Ciemniccy
  7. Omega Andrzej Szulc


Gas station Arka


F.H.U „Truck”



Contact person:
Justyna Brzoskowska

Świecie City Hall
Wojska Polskiego 124 Str.
86-100 Świecie
Tel.: (+48 0 52) 333 23 31/ 052 333 30 50
Fax: (+48 0 52) 333 23 11


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Fax: +48 22 334 9889

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office hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m
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