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High Technologies Industrial Park in Stargard


High Technologies Industrial Park in Stargard

High Technologies Industrial Park is at initial development stage, 50 hectares with special economic zone status managed by Pomeranian Special Economic Zone with possibility to expand the sez boundaries.



The town lies only 36 kilometers southeast of Szczecin, 40 kilometers from the western Polish border, around 35 kilometers from the international airport in Goleniów, 120 kilometers from the ferry terminal in Świnoujście and 180 kilometers from Berlin.



The offer is aimed mainly at investors being the leaders of innovations in their business, who introduce modern, innovative technologies not only in their product but also in the production process, environmental protection, etc.



Over 350 hectares of greenfield on former soviet military airfield in Kluczewo - the grounds have two unique advantages which make Stargard’s offer exceptional in Poland. Firstly, a large, mostly flat area which caters to the needs of investors who wish to start projects on 100 hectares or more. Secondly, the grounds which constitute Stargard’s investment offer are fully owned by the Town of Stargard, this allows for a simple and efficient sale of plots without any legal problems. General Directorate for National Rods and Motorways’ investment project leading to the construction of a bypass of Stargard as a part of national road nr 10, to be finished in the 1st half of 2010, and the Towns investment project co-financed with EU funding, of building an access road for the industrial area, the grounds offered for investment will have easy, direct access to number 10 national road and to the center of the town (they currently have access but not as efficient). Thanks to the investment of the Municipal Infrastructure Company, also co-financed by the EU, the investment grounds have access to water and sewage network, and activities undertaken by power, gas and telecom suppliers will provide access to full range of utilities.

Regional aid for investors - one of the most important elements of the Park’s investment offer is the resolution passed in April 2007 by the Town Council in Stargard on regional aid for investors. Its aim was to determine conditions of granting aid to entrepreneurs for creating new investments or new work places connected with new investments in Stargard. The aid proposed in the resolution has a form of realty tax exemption. The objective scope of exemption includes land, buildings, constructions or their parts constituting new investments, intended for economic activities. The aid is aimed at entrepreneurs who’s profile of investment project is production. Investors should apply for public aid grant before making their first qualified expenditure. Investor can obtain regional public aid for:

  • a new investment (investing the amount exceeding 100 000 Euros and completing the investment within 48 months from filing the application),
  • buying a company which is under liquidation and creating new workplaces (creating 50 new workplaces in the company bought within 12 months from filing the application),
  • creating new workplaces connected to the new investment (creating at least 50 new workplaces within 3 years from 3 years from the completion of the investment project).

Aid given on the ground of the resolution is added up to every other aid appropriated for realization of the same investment or new job creation in connection with the same investment, regardless of its form and origin and cannot exceed the maximum determined aid intensity, that is 40% of investment value or intensity determined for a large investment project. 

Full resolution:

Moreover the European Funds and Economic Development Office of the Town Office in Stargard offers full investor service which includes coordinating activities leading to the realization of an investment project. Within these activities the Office offers support and assistance to investors in contacting institutions and other parties engaged in the process (i.e. local offices, service or utility providers, etc.), and cooperates with other Departments within the Town Office and County Office to ensure fast and simple administrative procedures regarding issuing of permits necessary for the realization of the project.


Companies operating in the Park

View of Regional High Tech Industrial Park from the direction of neighboring Bridgestone tire  factory



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