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Poznan Science and Technology Park of Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation

Poznan Science and Technology Park (PPNT) is a place where the science and business environments meet. The mission of PPNT is supporting the commercialization process of scientific research results in economy and also stimulating Wielkopolska's economic development, both achieved by supporting the entrepreneurship orientated to advanced technologies.

PPNT is a multidisciplinary centre gathering specialists of the sciences, natural sciences and technologies. Chemistry, chemical technology, archaeology, IT, physics, geology and economic sciences workshops, laboratories and companies work within PPNT. Through modern and functional buildings, the Park has created optimal conditions for running businesses offering a wide variety of business orientated services

Our priorities:

  • Activation of the incubatory actions and creation, support and promotion of innovative companies
  • Implementation of research on new technologies and improvement of the existing ones
  • Transfer of new and innovative technologies and conversion of scientific research results and development works into technological innovations
  • Pointing strategic directions of the innovative development of Wielopolska Region

 Our offer

  • Complex of High Technology Incubators (new)

Rental of equipped general and specialised chemical, biotechnological and IT laboratories, microbiological laboratory, advanced, safe server room, servers and plenty of server services, technological room, stockrooms, offices and many facilities of intelligent building.

  • Advanced Chemical Technology Centre

Synthetic, analytical and technological services, evaporation and reaction sets, extraction, crystallization, separation, rectification of mixtures, low scale chemical processing and production; composition and purity analysis, trace analysis, analysis of impurities, compounds identification, rheological and physicochemical tests of products and commodities; research methods: GC-MS, LC, HPLC, GLC, TG, DSC, F-AAS.

  • Technology Incubator (InQbator)
  • research services for archaeology, IT, physics, geology, and economics science
  • support of science and economy relations: financing, counselling, trainings, courses, business incubation
  • counseling and services in international cooperation, technology transfer and intellectual property,  financing of scientific research
  • Conferences Organisation Office MultiBOK (new)
  • Innovation Support Centre
    • Regional Contact Point of EU Framework Programs in Poznan
    • Technology Transfer Department
    • Research and Analysis Team
  • Research Centres
    • Medical Analysis and Diagnostics Centre
    • The Centre of Research and Socio-Cultural Activities
    • Spatial and Socio-Economic Analysis Centre
    • Archaeological Centre
    • Speech and Language Technology Laboratory
    • Waste Management Centre – Waste Park
  • Poznan Radiocarbon Laboratory – dating of archaeological and geological samples, specimens 
  • Poznan Isotopic Laboratory – determination of origin and dating of samples, specimens, i.e. geological, environmental and products, commodities
  • Expertises and feasibility tests for technological parks and incubators
  • Monitoring and evaluation of Regional Innovation Strategy implementation
  • Additional services (conference rooms, monitoring, security, kindergarten and other)
  • High quality technical infrastructure



Over 50 institutions working in different lines of business (such as companies, research and development units, foundations and associations) are located in PPNT. Next to IT, telecommunication and chemical companies operate training, counselling and other businesses. Here, work over 300 creative people, who search for innovative solutions and implement new technologies.



Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation
Poznan Science and Technology Park

ul. Rubież 46
61-612 Poznań
Tel.: (061) 8279 742
Fax: (061) 8279 741


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