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MMC Brainville

  • ICT Technology Park
  • The preliminary stage of development   


Poland, Nowy Sącz, ul. Myśliwska 2
Sector profile:

ICT ( in particular animation, 3D graphics, Internet, e-learning, software development, mobile technologies and telecommunications)

MMC Brainville is a business development centre created in Nowy Sącz. Its purpose is to facilitate and enhance the development of companies whose scope of business is based on new technologies, as well as those companies who want to develop their business using new technologies available on the market.


Office space and IT infrastructure

This is a prestigious and modern multi-purpose facility integrating the functions of research and development with office purposes. MMC Brainville is principally a technology park, and therefore a building performing the function of an office-lab, which is dedicated to the running of companies from IT and multimedia industry. It is also a great place for companies from other industries that want to develop in the atmosphere of openness to new solutions and fully use the possibilities offered by the Park.

The 16 000 m2 of the modern infrastructure of the park offers the following:

  • office space for companies
  • IT laboratories dedicated to companies
  • professional conference facilities (including multimedia conference rooms)
  • supporting infrastructure - canteen, cafe, fitness center, bank
  • parking spaces (surface and underground parking)

Virtual Office

Virtual Office is a convenient alternative for companies that want to save time and money, enjoying at the same time a prestigious location of their company along with additional office services, irrespective of whether they are located in a part of Poland or even abroad.

Virtual Office offers a suite of services which facilitate remote work. The offer is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized business entities which run their business remotely and have no need for renting office space. 

Virtual Office is also available to larger businesses, including foreign companies that want to expand to Poland.

  • Accounting consulting  

In order to minimise the cost and commitment of entrepreneurs in basic core areas related to running a company, MMC Brainville in cooperation with a finance and accounting office offers a whole range of accounting services, which among others include commercial bookkeeping, tax revenue and expenditure accounts (Simplified accounting), cost control, keeping VAT records, preparation of payroll and employee records, preparation of annual tax returns

  • EU consulting

The MMC Brainville team and its partners have extensive experience in obtaining EU funds for training, consulting, and investment programs.  Based on this experience, we provide our customers with full support, which among others includes choice of the appropriate and the most convenient program for the Client, preparation of the business plan for applicants, supervision of tender processes required for the execution of investments (analysis of documents), cooperation with the bank financing the investment within the correct preparation of documentation and proper schedule of the material and financial implementation of the investments, training of the staff responsible for project implementation in terms of the practical aspects of documentation relating to the project, monitoring of the documentation of the project carried out in the company office, preparation of substantive and financial reports on project implementation.

  • Legal and business consulting

MMC Brainville offers the following specialised consulting services in the field of law in cooperation with reputable law firms:

  • tax, which among others include tax optimization and management of tax risk,
  • economic growth, which among others is related to the establishment and transformation of companies, admitting to listing, representing in the investment processes,
  • international with a particular emphasis on developing and maintaining cooperation with foreign partners as well as the preparation of contracts in trade,
  • labour, both individual and collective, as well as preventive optimisation of employment policy in the company
  • Marketing outsourcing

Businesses located in MMC Brainville can take advantage of the full marketing and PR support of the activities both on a local as well as national scale. The marketing department of MMC Brainville has prepared a special offer for the clients of the park, offering a range of services with a particular emphasis on new media, which among others include creating marketing strategy, conducting marketing activities on the Polish and international market, building relationships with regional and nationwide media, assistance in the effective use of the potential of new media (e.g. Internet, social networking, viral materials, creating virtual services for the media) 

Financing of projects

Due to the cooperation with a large group of investors who have different preferences in the areas of investment, development stages of the company or the project as well as the amounts invested, we offer assistance in choosing the optimal source of capital and full support of the investment process.

In the case of some projects in the ICT sector, we also get involved as an active partner or an investor, developing a project in cooperation with the the project initiators. Our involvement includes comprehensive substantive support as well as capital support.

Networking platform

One of the main values that constitute the capital of MMC Brainville is a network of contacts and relationships, which includes the ambassadors and experts of MMC Brainville, and in the future also the employees of the companies located in the park and the virtual tenants (companies using services of the Virtual Office).

The goal is to create a platform for mutual communication between the whole community. In order to facilitate this process an intranet system will be available from September 2012. Additionally, a number of conferences, business mixer meetings will be held in the park as well as online meetings.

Centre for research and implementation

Center for Research and Implementation is one of the strategic areas of MMC Brainville. Its aim is to strengthen a/the technology transfer between academia and business. With an upgrade of existing infrastructure of the Park in September 2012, MMC Brainville will have specialised infrastructure, technology and equipment to meet the needs of the companies / tenants. This will also allow to create a model of cooperation, the aim of which is to support the communication process between science and business through joint research and its commercialisation. 

MMC Brainville will provide the infrastructure necessary to conduct research with the use of both laboratories located in Nowy Sącz as well as IT infrastructure that would enable remote participation in the work of research groups through the service Distributed Work Platform (available within the Virtual Office).
The Centre for Research and Implementation will start functioning in September 2012.

Technology Observatory

It is virtual space where monitoring of high technology market will be carried out in terms of new solutions, products and companies that implement groundbreaking services and business models. 

Selected information and trends will be the starting point for further discussions between enthusiasts of new technologies and experts in various fields. The aim is to support the process of creating new social and business reality determined by the development of information technology.

Meetings with experts representing different fields of life such as business, art, politics, medicine and science will be held in the Observatory. Periodic reports will be issued.

Project funding

Technology park MMC Brainville is managed by Miasteczko Multimedialne Sp. z o.o.

In August 2010 Miasteczko Multimedialne Sp. z o.o. received funding for the construction project of “Technology Park Multimedia City”  in Nowy Sącz in the amount of 94.9 mln PLN as part of the Innovative Economy Operational Program Measure 5.3.

The total investment value is 111.7 mln PLN net.

The new  infrastructure of MMC Brainville  will be opened in September 2012.

Contact data:
Miasteczko Multimedialne sp. z o.o.
Ul. Zielona 27
33-300 Nowy Sącz
Tel. +48 18 44 99 463
Fax. +48 18 44 99 461


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