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Euro-Center Science and Technology Park


Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park

Science and Technology Park

Period of development: 
Preliminary development

Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park is situated in the area of Silesian Voivodeship  which belongs to most industrialized and dynamically developing regions in Poland. It owns numerous natural resources, including coal, zink, tin and natural gas. Human resources of metropolitan Katowice is about 4,5 million residents and 45 universities. Favourable climate for investors place Silasian Voivodeship in the first ranks in the investment attractiveness rating. Good location in a hub of European transport corridors (A4 and A1 motorway junction and Katowice Arterial Road) close neighborhood of Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice.

Sector profile
Science and Technology Park Euro-Centrum is thematically focused on the development of energy saving technologies and energy – efficiency in buildings. It creates favourable conditions for the location of advanced technology companies and business surroundings in the Park.

Park coordinates the activities of the Cluster of Energy Saving Technology, which develops cooperation between business and science.

Research facilities of the Park are provided thanks to a cooperation with the leading research centres in Poland, among others, AGH University of Science and Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology, University of Silesia and University of Economics in Katowice.

Infrastructure of the Park consists of two modern buildings with a total area of more than 9 thousand sqm - a revitalised building where the Training Centre for Modern Heating Techniques is located and a passive office building which is a pioneering investment on the scale of Central and Eastern Europe.  

The Training Centre for Modern Heating Techniques
The Training Centre for Modern Heating Techniques was designed for installers of equipment powered by renewable energy sources and manufacturers or entrepreneurs testing materials used in energy-saving building. The center has its own workshops space equipped with boilers, heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation and photovoltaic panels. There are also laboratory facilities in the building with the only "artificial sun" in Poland to enable testing the quality and durability of solar systems.

The passive building
There is also the passive building located in the area of Park, which consumes a minimal possible amount of energy in order to heat interior of the building (15 kWh/sqm/year). It received Green Buildig 2013 award which is being given by the European Commission for the most energy-efficient buildings. 

All facilities of the building will be available for use of technology based companies. Those, which develop energy saving technologies and use renewable energy sources will be of priority to us. In order to meet their needs, the passive building contains: office and administrative rooms, display rooms ,technological laboratories, modern Data Centre, conference and training rooms.

In the passive building there are innovative tenants, such as: 3S Group, Flakt Bovent, Real Deal, AT Group, Fly High Jakub Budzisz and Proximus.

Offer of the Park
Science and Technology Park offers infrastructure, laboratories and research facilities as well as training and advisory services, facilitating access to knowledge and the results of recent studies of the renewable energy sources.

The Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park is synonymous with innovation center focused on respecting energy and use of renewable energy sources. It’s open to cooperation with companies that operate in an innovative or R&D sectors. Especially for them the passive building’s environmental-friendly and prestigious offices, conference rooms, research facilities and a modern data center will be made available. Innovative tenants of the Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park will be granted a discount up to 30 % throughout the whole period of use (with funding from the EU). The presence in the Park means also a close proximity and the opportunity to work with businesses and institutions dealing with advanced technologies and renewable energy.

Facilities for tenants:

  • The air-conditioned office open space,
  • Access to conference and training rooms, including the 3D room display,
  • The possibility of renting exhibition space,
  • Guaranteed continuity of power supply,
  • Data center,
  • High-speed Internet connection (high-through fiber-optic cables allow you to connect telecommunication services)
  • External monitoring and surveillance (24-hour),
  • Car-park with the reservation of the exclusive disposal,
  • Restaurant,
  • ATM,
  • Supermarket,
  • discount up to 30% for rent and services (in accordance with state aid rules de minimis),
  • The bus stop,
  • Airports and main communication routes in the neighborhood (airport about 35 km).

Data Center
In the passive building there is also a data center, which stores and processes data, using advanced technologies. The DC’s infrastructure consist of rooms equipped with appropriate installations with guaranteed power supply, access protection, fire safety protection, air-conditioning and round-the-clock supervision by the BMS. It was established to provide colocation services, rent virtual servers, provide software, data acquisition and data storage, data archiving, maintenance resources and administrative resources to maintain a complete data center to the isolated client's ERP software in SaaS mode and maintain backup or concurrent data center.


  • The Centre for Solar Energy System Testing - It is an internal laboratory based on solar radiation simulator which consists of a lamp field, an artificial sky, a ventilation system, a thermostat, temperature sensors and devices for data generation. The device is designed to test the efficiency of solar collectors which use a mixture of water and glycol as a heat transfer medium.
  • Laboratory of processes in energy-efficient building - designed to make tests on building materials in respect of their resistance to climatic factors, corrosion or aging rate. Tests can be carried out in a specially designated chamber, characterized by a wide range of temperatures and humidity.
  • Laboratory of thermal properties of buildings – allows to perform an energy audit of the building, including occurrence of thermal bridges, tightness, noise level or light intensity. It also enables to check the quality of the climate or heat comfort of the room.
  • Climate and weather station - located on the roof of the passive building, allows to monitor weather conditions for its operation. Particular importance, in respect of type of equipment installed on the roof, is measurement of solar radiation and the development of its balance sheet. Collected data are a useful material for assessing the climatic conditions, supporting the proper selection of RES installations, not only for passive building, but also for other facilities in the area.

The Euro-Centrum Science and Technology Park provides expert advice based on observatory of the market and energy-saving technologies. It supports companies operating in the area of renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies in the creation and strengthening of their market position. It is based on a valuable and reliable knowledge. It makes it easier to acquire strategic information about markets and technologies which are used or are going to be used by companies. It supports efficient transfer of knowledge and technology on the domestic and foreign markets.

The Euro-Centrum’s Training Center offers training programs in several thematic groups. The core offer is dedicated to entrepreneurs conducting activities in the area of renewable energy sources, heat pumps, solar collectors and solar energy systems,low-power heating boilers, ventilation systems and thermal modernization of buildings.

Additionally, expert knowledge can be gained from our training courses which cover general topics in the domains of environmental protection, law and management.


Science and Technology Park
Euro-Centrum JSC
103 Ligocka Street
40-568 Katowice
tel. +48 32 205 00 92
fax +48 32 250 47 85


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